Friday, October 15

the waiting is the hardest part

many event arrangements, work and wedding-related, have been set in motion and released from my control. preferred bbq guy contacted for an estimate. savethedate design ordered and paper purchased. vintage dress pattern(s) researched and bought.

at least on the personal front it's mostly ephemera at this point. we have much of the hard details — at least the date and venue — figured out. but among other things, a vintage dress pattern is held up somewhere in canadian customs, and I can't help but feel like 9/11 shouldn't have changed everything. minor event-related anxiety, sure, but it would be one more thing checked off the list, with only six months left to the d-i-y style affair.

for now, all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and notice my first gray hair (seriously people. shoulder-length. how did it escape view *that* long?).

and dodge enormous black walnuts falling in the backyard.

... speaking of enormous, we've recently discovered gargantuan ladybugs invading the garden. maybe they're eating the mutant walnuts.

second cousin to mothra


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