Tuesday, October 12

weekend piccys - indy

these pics are so, so late. but so was my belated visit to one of my oldest friends, now settled in indy. a few years ago, one of the first trips b & I took together was up to see her marry a man whose young niece and nephew named him "uncle fun." there's really no better way to put it — he's just a wonderful, genuine person and a fun guy to be around. he's a perfect match for one of the kindest, funniest friends I've ever known.

the two of them have since started down the road to building a family, with their first little girl. and so, belatedly (still before her first birthday!) I headed north for a long weekend, to see the adorable little creature for myself.

a new airport made the hardest part quite a bit easier.

as did the warm kitty who made himself right at home on my lap on a rainy fall day.

colors were just beginning to turn

but other evidence of the season was everywhere ~ broad ripple farmers market

though the sense was summer wasn't going without a fight.

when the weather flipped back to "gorgeous" mode, we did get out and about

the dolphin tank at the indy zoo brings people right into their realm (quiet between shows) ~ at one point, casey's mom looked back at the two of walking silently together and wondered aloud what trouble we were into (we evidently had the same mischievous look about us as we routinely had in high school).

but that was not half as amazing as the time spent with little anya ~ "no mushrooms, please"

yep. change is good.

especially when experienced with someone new (yes, I may have managed to teach her a little longhorn spirit in a few short days. heh.).


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