Wednesday, November 17

150 days ...

... and counting. before d-day, err, w-day (heh.).

I haven't been very good about posting lately. we've been quite good about eating at home, but we've been cooking a lot of old favorites and standbys. we've also been working a lot of late hours. I love election season, but dang y'all. it's tiring.

the good news is we've got most of the important event stuff nailed down: caterer. venue. hotel. a super awesome (non-traditional) dessert. the beginnings of a registry. an inkling of the dress is beginning to materialize, and will hopefully be more real after a much-needed visit home. one by one we're checking off the details. which feels good. really good. and the best part is, it looks we might manage to pull it all together on-budget.

... which means I'm also spending a little time haunting thrift stores and polishing ebay silver (buying a lot saved us 47 cents *per utensil* ... sounds totally loco, but it adds up).

and it's good for me in a zen, water-carrying, wax-on-wax-off sort of sense.

psst ... incidentally, did you know plain old white toothpaste is a pretty terrific silver polish?

I'll try to get back to posting recipes soon.


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