Wednesday, June 8

oh (what a) happy day (it would be)

zut alors, people!

this is not usually a space I use for promoting contests, but this give-away is so phenomenal I had to share. oh happy day and h繫tel mama shelter are partnering to send a reader (plus-one) to paris (the *good* one—not paris, texas) for one week, housing them in the uber-chic boutique hotel (voted among the top 50 worldwide), and personally showing them around the city of light!

... would it be graceless to add another ten exclamation points to that statement? the astonishingly generous jordan is footing the bill for airfare from her own argent de poche, so, I'd say that warrants at least ten.

go now! check it out!

(coincidentally, b and I hope to visit paris this fall to celebrate our recent marriage, meanwhile devouring anything in print on the topic of food, history, culture, oh...and food.)


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